The Audi TT Driven By MHH International: Why It’s Tip-Top!

Audi TT side profile
First launched in 1998 to a salivating public, the Audi TT Coupé continues to offer sophisticated driver appeal, even in the current third generation model nearly twenty years later. Also available in roadster form, this icon of automotive design boasts across the range the performance of a true sports car.



The Power


It seems superfluous to go into a lengthy description of this car, featured in the images in S-Line trim with a 2.0L TFSI 227bhp (230PS), because it has been described at length in many reviews. You can see it for yourself in the pictures and if you want more power, well, there's a warmer TTS version (305bhp) and the fierce and hirsute RS version for the brave.


You can have front-wheel drive if you want to but you don’t want that do you, you want the quattro all-wheel drive that we enjoyed on this car. There’s a choice of engines starting with a 178bhp 1.8L TFSI which is an engine that suits the roadster well but most people will go for the more powerful two litre. You can have a choice of a couple of diesels if you must or the 2.5L five-cylinder unit found in the RS.


Audi TT Rear view


The Occupants


There’s no infotainment screen, either fixed or rising from the dash. A 12.3” digital instrument panel that can be configured variously sits in place of analogue dials in the instrument binnacle. Audi’s Multi Media Interface (MMI) has few buttons and offers simple menu navigation.


The driver can select ‘Classic View’, that presents a conventional speedo and rev counter. Additionally, all other information is displayed between them. Alternatively there's a full-screen ‘Infotainment Mode’ where the instruments shrink revealing functions such as the sat-nav, for example, which expands to fill the screen almost entirely. For this buyers will need to specify the optional Technology Mode to get the best out of this display. Pricey but worth it.



Audi TT Front View, MHH International


The Super Sport seats are great; grippy where they need to be while retaining a good level of comfort and, for the pilot, a sporting driving position. The rear seats as always in cars of this type are a joke. Certainly they have Isofix for child safety but are of limited use. Despite the inclusion of the back seats, the boot is still a decent size for two but in no way can this be considered a family car. It’s all about the driving.



The Driving


In recent years car makers have been offering up extra power by the bucket load. 350bhp and greater are not now uncommon in performance cars. Obviously that’s fine but the fact is, in the British Isles at least, 227bhp is plenty.


The Audi TT has always been a coupé that has blended motoring enjoyment with everyday usability and ease of driving. Yes, this current model is lighter, faster and more efficient than ever, but the nagging worry is, at this level, if it isn’t getting a bit too soft.


Audi TT Interior, MHH International



Dynamic driving performance seems to have given way to a more sophisticated experience. Perhaps we expected more having driven a couple of real monsters recently. It seems to be more of a fast cruiser than an out and out sports car. The buyer solution would be to go for the faster TTS model if the highly charged, hardcore RS is a bit too much.


Audi’s Drive Select system is standard across the range, and for the first time it adjusts the all-wheel-drive system on quattro models to give a sportier set-up in Dynamic Mode.


It also modifies the throttle response, steering weighting and air-conditioning load, plus the shift speeds on the six-speed S tronic automatic gearbox (as with this car). As with other Audi models, the Drive Select offers a choice of Comfort, Dynamic, Efficiency, Auto and individual modes.


Audi TT Interior, MHH International



A manual gearbox is available but the automatic with paddle option for total control is so good that although it adds to the price it would be a mistake to go old-school.


The Audi TT offers progressive steering with a rack that becomes more direct as the wheel is turned. The result is sharp, positive responses. With light but consistent weighting and some old-fashioned feel, the driving set-up and handling is a real highlight.


To sum up, the Audi TT is an agile, quick and sporty drive. Best served hot.


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Audi TT boot, MHH International


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