Save 5 Million Kes on 2017 Prado TX & TXL Imports

2017 Toyota Prado TXL Import
Did you know that importing a new shape 2017 Toyota Prado TX or TXL will save you 5 Million shillings versus buying a new 2019 model. Our new Summer sale prices will import them duty cleared to Nairobi from just 6.3 Million Kes. Contact the team to and we will help you find your 2017 Toyota Prado TX or TXL to import to Nairobi today.

Import a 2017 Toyota Prado TX

2017 Toyota Prado TX (Front)



7 Seats

2017 Toyota Prado TX (Rear)

3 month warranty

Grade 4.5

8,000 KMs

Duty Cleared Nairobi:6,380,000 Kes


2017 Toyota Prado TXL for Import

2017 Prado TXL (Front)

White Pearl

7 Seats


34,000 KMs

2017 Prado TXL (Rear)

Duty Cleared Nairobi: 6,945,000 Kes


Contact the team to find out more about these Land Rover Discoverys and to find your perfect car to import. Finance your car import with our partner banks: NCBA Bank and I&M Bank 

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