Big Savings on the Land Rover Discovery 4 Imports to Kenya

Big Savings on the Land Rover Discovery Imports to Kenya
Save at least half a million shillings when you import a 2012-2014 Land Rover Discovery HSE, SE and XS Models.

We are excited to reveal big savings on the price to import a 2012 and 2014 Discovery 4.

You can now import a 2012 Discovery HSE for under 5 Million Kes and a 2012 XS for under 4 Million Kes. The newer 2014 Discovery HSE is now available for under 7 millions Kes and the newer 2014 Discovery XS is available for just 5.6 Millions Kes. The prices are for UK import cars cleared and delivered to Nairobi.


Save At least 500K Kes on 2012 - 2014 Land Rover Discovery Imports
  Old Landed Price New Landed Price      
2012 Discovery 4 HSE 5.4 M Kes 4.9M Kes      
2014 Discovery 4 HSE 7.4 M Kes 6.9M Kes      
2012 Discovery 4 XS 4.65M Kes 3.9M Kes      
2014 Discovery 4 XS 6.4M Kes 5.6M Kes      

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Alistair Benn

CEO, MHH International Ltd.


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