High Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles In Excellent Condition

Jul 22, 2019

2014 Mercedes Benz E250 Front

Earlier this month, in Kenya, I accepted delivery of my Land Rover Freelander 2 from the UK. Due to circumstances well beyond MHH International's and my control; the car was held at the port for longer than expected and I was concerned about damage but it was in excellent condition inside out and driving and running smoothly despite being idle several months. To me, this speaks to the quality of vehicles MHH International source for their clients. The entire process from start to finish involved HONEST feedback from Clara who was the first person I spoke to. I had a brand and model in my mind and she was frank about the reputation of the model on the market as well as servicing, what to expect in terms of performance and cost of maintenance in Kenya going forward and was genuinely interested in ensuring I was not choosing a car for aesthetics alone. I appreciated that she was willing to go above and beyond to work within my budget. Alistair called me early in the process because I was sourcing a car from the UK and he was able to explain how MHH find their cars and also wasn't just pushing a make and model on me. I was an unfortunate victim of constantly-changing bureaucracy that really isn't within my control nor that of MHH International, and whilst the car did take significantly longer to clear and register than I expected, MHH International in general didn't falter in their commitment to see it all through to the end which is where Marguerite was involved. She was vigilant about ensuring that I was not overcharged and as an expat in a new country, I appreciated that purchasing a car through a reputable organisation was made much, much easier than it would have been had I used private contacts or recommendations. I particularly appreciated that even after I received delivery of the vehicle, they all followed up and assisted with the process. I would recommend MHH International solely for their expert attention to detail and quality as well as the strong reputation their partners have in this market. I was never worried that I was being misled or taken advantage which is what - let's be honest - the phrase "car salesmen" is synonymous with. MHH International proved not be be "car salesmen" but rather sourcers of high quality pre-owned vehicles in excellent condition with a robust logistics network as well as partners who take the weight off of purchasing a car. I would like to thank Allistair, Marguerite, Clara and especially Maureen for seeing me through this journey and for providing me with my car! I am outstandingly happy with it, it's off-road capability as well as the really good condition of the interior as well as the exterior when I received it.