Brand Information

Our Brand

These guidelines help you to use our brand correctly.

Be using our brand assets, you are indicating that you are accepting the terms if our Trademark Usage Guidelines. Please note that should you break these guidelines, your permission to use them will be immediately revoked.

Our Logo

We have three version of our logo to optimise visibility on our work.

MHH Logo Blue

MHH Logo White

MHH Logo Transparent

MHH International Signature Colours

We mainly use two set of colours. Blue is the dominant colour. Green is only to accent or highlight.

Dark Blue / Hex: #00277a / RGB; 0,39,122
Light Blue / Hex: #6699c2 / RGB; 102, 153, 194
Bright Green / Hex: #A8DB00 / RGB: 168, 219, 0
Bright Green / Hex: #A8DB00 / RGB: 168, 219, 0