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Jaguar I-Pace
In a world full of sport utility vehicles that all look exactly the same it is even more striking when a designer is let loose on the drawing board and told to come up with something special. That this ‘something special’ is also powered by electricity makes the concept even more exciting.

The Jaguar I-Pace Concept is one of the most visually arresting concepts ever produced by this company. Jaguar have taken full advantage of the packaging freedom offered by electrification to rethink the vehicle’s overall proportions.


The result, as you can see, is an exceptional vehicle that combines an advanced cab-forward design (inspired, say the company) by the C-X75 supercar with the smooth silhouette of a coupé and all in a versatile five-seater SUV. In many ways it is about time – consumers have felt for sometime that the segment was dull.


Most EVs currently on the market now are, to some extent at least, compromised in style by the need to stow the battery pack. On first viewing Jaguar seem to have leapt that hurdle. The opportunities offered by an electric powertrain are huge. Electric vehicles offer designers much greater freedom, and it is an opportunity Jaguar have grasped with both hands.


Without an internal combustion engine and transmission tunnel to package, the I-PACE Concept’s design brings the cabin forward, extends the wheelbase and shortens the overhangs. This enables the silhouette to become more aerodynamic and, as can be seen in these first images, the haunches to develop more powerful proportions. The interior space is enlarged.


The Look


With its streamlined profile, sweeping lines, large wheels and muscular rear haunches, Jaguar insist the I-PACE represents a new generation of electric vehicles. The dynamic window lines further enhance the sports car looks. The cab-forward design is accentuated by the windscreen’s fast angle and heavily curved glass, flowing down into a low bonnet that adds to the overall style.


The wheel arches are sculpted around breathtaking 23-inch Nighthawk wheels in Technical Grey with Gloss Black inserts and a beautiful diamond-turned finish, giving the car a real sense of purpose. Their dynamic intent is enhanced by bespoke 265/35/R23 tyres with a unique tread pattern.


The Face

The low bonnet, flanked by curving wheel arches, combines sports car aesthetics with an SUV’s presence. A broad, distinctive grille with a hexagonal grid in gloss black retains a key element of Jaguar design DNA while also providing aerodynamic benefits.


Airflow passes through the C-X75-derived bonnet scoop, reducing drag. Slimline full LED headlights with Jaguar’s signature Double-J daytime running light motif further emphasise the vehicle’s clean lines. 


At The Other End

A slender composite spoiler enhances the vehicle’s sporting character as well as reducing lift at higher speeds without generating drag. The fast-angled slope of the rear window is aerodynamic and uses an advanced hydrophobic glass coating to eliminate the visual clutter of a rear wiper. The line contrasts with the vehicle’s squared-off end and extended rear three-quarter that project power and improve efficiency.


The LED tail lamps, while similar to those on other Jaguar models, square off the roundel graphic for an edgier and more technical look. A broad, high-mounted LED stop lamp is integrated invisibly beneath the spoiler, visible only when the driver brakes.


On The Inside


The five-seater I-PACE is a clear statement of Jaguar’s plans for the production model with future-focused design pervading the open, spacious interior. It also showcases the blend of cutting-edge technologies and traditional materials that characterise Jaguar’s vision for electric luxury.


The driver focus that typifies Jaguar cockpits is complemented by intuitive interface designs and advanced materials that demonstrate Jaguar craftsmanship in innovative new ways. The driver and passengers sit lower than in conventional SUVs. The I-PACE slimline seats position the hips lower in relation to the heels. This ‘Sports Command’ driving position provides a sports car’s sense of connection with the road.


The instrument panel is positioned low and its simple horizontal lines and minimalist switchgear help further emphasise the interior’s size. The centre console cossets the driver, with two ‘looping’ metal struts beautifully framing the access to a stowage area under the control panel – a motif that will recur in other future Jaguars.


Replacing the traditional shift, buttons integrated into the strut enable the driver to reach down and select forward, neutral, park or reverse intuitively with a simple press of the thumb.


It’s a Jaguar so however the production version appears buyers know that the interior’s finish will be exceptional. Windsor leather covers the front of the seats, laser-cut with Jaguar’s signature lozenge motif, sewn with contrasting twin-needle stitching and edged with coloured carbon fibre trim. The seat backs are finished in Moonstone Alcantara and a full-length panoramic glass roof extends the sweeping angle of the windscreen.


Details of on-board technology are scant but customers can expect the very latest in touchscreen technology and rotary controllers.


The Future


With luck and a following wind we should see this car in 2018. It’s worth mentioning this because it is going to cause quite a stir. The I-PACE Concept’s electric motors and Lithium-Ion battery are designed to deliver the best possible performance and range. The I-PACE Concept delivers a range of more than 500 kilometres on the NEDC cycle and, using 50kW DC charging, achieves zero-to-full charging capability in just over two hours; 80 per cent charge capacity is reached in just 90 minutes. The benchmark 62mph will be reached in a scant four seconds.


Is 2018 the year that the electric car finally comes of age?


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